Alphonse Giambrone

Our Mission

To provide our clients with high quality, user-friendly, cost effective ERP, information management and business intelligence solutions that will help insure their business runs smoothly and efficiently, reducing overall costs and increasing the bottom line.

If any of the following apply to your business or organization,
a custom ERP software application can help you
get control of your important information.
  • Orders and/or payments must be accepted via the web.
  • Existing or new data needs to be made available on the web or at multiple office locations.
  • Information to be collected via the web and synchronized with off-line database.
  • Need a web presence where you can edit your own content when/as desired.
  • Data/Information stored in spreadsheets that have gotten too difficult or too time consuming to manage.
  • You or your employees spend too much time managing data (and other information) instead of managing your business.
  • You have built your own database using MS Access and just can't get it to do all you want (you are busy running your organization).
  • Several people keep their own lists/datastores and you can't tell who has the latest information.
  • The same data is entered into the computer multiple times.
  • You are using too many different types of software to manage your information.
  • Off-the-shelf solutions don't satisfy all your needs or have so many options that you don't need, they are confusing.
  • It takes too long to generate reports (if you can at all) - you need an ERP business intelligence solution.
What We Do

We build custom database driven applications (programs) designed according to how YOU conduct your business. In-house and web based applications driven by the same database. Mobile-friendly web design enables use on mobile devices without a costly mobile/phone app.

With over 25 years experience in building database applications, plus a background in engineering and manufacturing, we are uniquely qualified to build a custom application to suit your specific needs.

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